• Our business is optics and crystals for lasers, parametrical systems and other optical devices up to 12 microns. • We use EBE (Electron beam evaporation) and IBS (Ion Beam sputtering) systems to apply high quality coatings and produce laser optics for ns, ps, fs and CW lasers. • Our experienced team can handle hygroscopic, soft, sensitive crystals and process them.


ACKTAR (ACM Coatings GmbH) How black is your black?

Acktar is a world leader in light absorption materials and coatings that provides solutions for the suppression of stray light, laser power absorption or the enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio in wavelengths VIS, SWIR and MWIR. With our Deep Black materials (blackest black), Black Foils and Direct Coatings for the blackening of opto-mechanical components in photonic devices.


Actupon Technologies



AdvEOTec European Test house - Reliability of Optoelectronics AdvEOTec est le laboratoire européen spécialisé dans la qualification et la fiabilité des composants et sous systèmes optoélectroniques, photoniques, optiques et électroniques. Les prestations couvrent les essais, les mesures et les analyses ainsi que le conseil industriel : plan d'évaluation, expertise des procédés et des techniques


AEMtec GmbH

AEMtec is one of the global acting specialists for the development and production of a variety of precision optoelectronic products like components, modules and systems. AEMtec provides a wide technology portfolio including Wafer Back-End Services, Chip on Board, Flip Chip, 3D Integration and Opto Packaging - the right Partner for complex and reliable solutions in the sector of miniaturization.



AeroDIODE offers the following flexible optoelectronics solutions: • Laser diode drivers : CW, Low noise pulsed laser diode drivers, • Fiber-coupled Laser diode sources • Fiber intensity modulators and SOA pulsed drivers • Synchronization electronics -pulse delay generator • Laser diode reliability test systems



Aerotech offers very high precision positioning systems (tables, controller, robotics) to the photonics market for applications such as: - Fiber or photonic components alignment - Assembly of photonic components - Test and metrology - Optical inspection - Optical manufacturing


Airlines Service Engineer



• Optical Design • Prototyping of Lenses and assemblies • Projectmanagement and supplier management • Optical coatings • Serial production of plastic optical parts



ALPAO is a company that manufactures a range of adaptive optics systems, including deformable mirrors, wavefront sensors, software solution and turnkey solutions for research and industry.



ALPHA-RLH is structured around two key Strategic Fields of Activity: Photonics-Lasers (laser sources and procedures, optical components, instrumentation) and Microwaves-Electronics (integrated circuits, radiocommunication systems, radar systems), with the support of digital tools (Digital Solutions & the Factory of the Future Cross-Disciplinary Field of Activity).

General Manager


Public/Private Institution & Associations


ALPhANOV is both a center for innovation and for technology transfer in the fields of photonics and lasers. Through its mission of offering technological support to companies, ALPhANOV develops innovative photonic systems, services and products for various markets (medical, environmental, luxury, aeronautics, space, defense, etc.).



Altimet is considered today as the specialist in functional surface metrology, with prestigious intl references. Altimet develops, manufactures, markets and supports a wide range of instruments. As a major player in its market, the company meets the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of research and industrial processes, from the R&D&I laboratories down to the production line.


Project Kuiper is an initiative to launch a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites that will provide low-latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world.


Amplitude Laser

Amplitude Laser is a leading global manufacturer of femtosecond lasers for applications in science, medical and industry. With more than 400 employees implemented and represented around the world, we support our customers and manufacture lasers with the largest range of technologies - Diode Pumped, Ti:Sa high peak power, High energy Ti:Sa pumping.


AQUILA Data Enabler is a Consulting Firm that supports its clients in Data Science R&D

AQUILA is a Consulting Firm specialized in the development of customized AI algorithmic solutions using all types of data : - Time Series - Text - Images and videos Our plus : - An R&D LAB - Three algorithmic bricks - More than 100 data science projects completed - A presence in 6 competitive clusters #ComputerVision #DataScience #NLP #AutoML #DeepLearning


R&D and packaging services in the field of MICROELECTRONICS and OPTOELECTRONICS

Packaging One Stop House focused for MICRO- & OPTO- electronic located in Czech Republic. Team of 70+ experts with more than 20 years experience. Hybrid assembly from wafer to discreet component. Production scalability from 1 piece to 1kk in clean room 1 000 m2. Industry, space, security, medical and automotive markets experience. Silicon Photonics industrialisation partner.



Product design and industrialization agency

For 30 years, AXENA DESIGN has created and industrialized products in many fields: consumer products, connected objects, professional products, medical universe, industrial equipment, security/defense, ergonomics & design of workspaces and control rooms, and digital design (UX/UI).



Conseils en management et financements de l’innovation : • Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) ; • Crédit Impôt Innovation (CII) ; • Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI) ; • Recrutement de Jeune Docteur (via un partenaire) ; • Aides régionales et subventions BPI (via un partenaire) ; • Financements bancaires et levées de fonds (via un partenaire).


In-vitro Diagnostics for clinical and industrial microbiological applications



BM-OPTO is an optical design consulting company. It was created in 2020 by Benoit Moulin, engineer of French Institut d'Optique Graduate School, after 10 years of professionnal experience in various fields of optics and photonics, from design to prototypes. BM-OPTO provides expertise and support to existing R&D services, or to develop new projects.


Vegetable processor: canned / frozen / fresh / Etc..



Cailabs est une entreprise française deep tech, basée à Rennes, qui conçoit, fabrique et vend des solutions photoniques pour exploiter pleinement le potentiel industriel de la mise en forme de la lumière. Cailabs développe et produit une gamme de composants optiques uniques fondés sur son savoir-faire et ses innovations technologiques brevetées..



R&D Engineer

Research laboratories


CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES SA (CTEC) is specialized in the fields of Actuators and Sensors for Mechatronics and Detection functions, by realizing customized products (fast steering mirrors, piezo stages, piezo actuators and motors and the associated drivers and controllers) and collaborative projects. CTEC also provides training in Piezo and electromagnetism.


Chroma Technology

Chroma Technology Corp. is an employee-owned company that specializes in the design and manufacture of precision optical filters and coatings. The engineering team from Chroma’s instrumentation subsidiary 89North is focused on production of light sources and other opto-mechanical products for OEM and end-users.



Chromacity design and manufacture innovative ultrafast lasers which drive advances in fundamental research and industrial applications. Our systems range from fixed wavelength femtosecond lasers to tunable picosecond OPOs. They are used for applications such as multi-photon and SHG microscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, quantum optics to name a few. Chromacity operates from Edinburgh, Scotland.


Clarins is a French company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-end cosmetic products, Clarins is a French company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-end cosmetic products



CLUB LASER ET PROCEDES is a French non-profit association for the promotion of laser technologies and laser material processing in industry. We gather about 60 industrial members such as manufacturers, technology centres and end users. We organize networking and communication (conference, newslaser, emailing) for our members in order to give them some visibility and to develop their business.



Public/Private Institution & Associations


Associate Director


Research laboratories

Crouzet is an industrial company that designs and manufactures mechatronic components for the Aeronautics, Transport, Energy, Building and Industry sectors. The offer includes Switches, Motors, Electrical Protection and Cockpit Equipment, Automation Components adaptable to each application as well as Instrumentation Services.


, Dassault Aviation est un groupe aéronautique français dual qui propose des avions militaires et des avions d’affaires. Créateur, en un siècle, d’une centaine de prototypes et de plus de 10 000 avions vendus dans 90 pays., Dassault Aviation is a dual French aeronautics group that offers military and business jets. Creator, in a century, of a hundred prototypes and more than 10,000 planes sold in 90 countries.



Recherches dans le domaine de l’architecture des VEs et PHVs Curent project: The basic idea is to replace the differential gear of the axle by two CVTs (continuous variable transmission), one on each half wheel shaft, whose electric machines are working in opposition Motor-Generator on torque regulation with close torque set points.

Innovation Manager

Research laboratories


Delta is a global supplier of passive and magnetic components used in portable devices, cloud computing equipment, automotive, IoT, and other market segments. With our highly automated manufacturing operations, our magnetic components production capacity is over 10 billion pieces per year. Delta also manufactures optical transceivers modules, power modules and Power block to power IC & batteries



The development of extremely demanding optical technologies and their successful system integration: That’s where DIOPTIC comes in. Particularly, whenever highly specialized tasks have to be solved which are considered difficult but physically feasible; when it comes to fulfilling customers’ requirements which appear to be unachievable. DIOPTIC experts will solve the problem!


As a technology subsidiary, ITNOVEM is involved in the digital transformation of the SNCF group. Sourcing of sensor solutions, use cases that can be integrated into the SNCF ecosystem


Edmund Optics (EO) is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology that serves a variety of markets including Life Sciences, Medical, Industrial Inspection, Semiconductor since 1942. EO designs and manufactures a wide selection of optical components and imaging systems, while supporting OEM applications with volume production of stock and custom products.




EKSMA Optics - Laser Optics and Electro-Optics Tailored for High Performance

EKSMA Optics is a manufacturer of laser components. The product range includes laser optics, Pockels cells and drivers, pulse pickers, laser diode drivers, laser and nonlinear crystals and optical systems. The Company owns cleanrooms for electro-optical and optical systems assembling, the department of laser coatings based on IBS technology and departments of optics polishing and lens production.


, Notre métier est de concevoir, fabriquer et distribuer, au travers de modèles économiques innovants, des produits et services de qualité qui contribuent chaque jour à corriger, protéger et prévenir les risques pour la santé visuelle. Notre réussite repose sur trois facteurs : la force de notre mission, une stratégie claire et un modèle de croissance basé sur l’innovation et les partenariats, The Essilor Group has put its expertise at the service of good vision in designing, manufacturing and distributing quality products and services through innovative business models. Today we provide solutions to correct and protect the visual health of the 7.7 billion people in the world


Optical engineering pushes the boundaries

EVOSENS integrates custom photonic systems for EVOSENS works for a large portfolio of start-ups, groups, and governmental laboratories acting in various markets as biology, healthcare, aeronautics / space, industrial process, defense, etc. Our skills: optics, mechanics, electronics, IT


EXYTE France

Exyte has developed a unique expertise in controlled and regulated environments. Exyte has a truly global footprint, serving the most technically demanding clients in markets such as semiconductors, batteries, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc. The company offers a full range of services from consulting to the managing of turnkey solutions – delivered to the highest quality and safety standards.


Femto Easy

Femto Easy is a company specializing in ultrafast metrology with a strong expertise in the production and characterization of high energy ultrashort pulses. We provide robust, reliable and easy to use measurement devices for such lasers : temporal measurement (autocorrelator and FROG), spectral measurement (imaging spectrometer) and spatial measurement (BeamPro), frequency conversion units.



Optique de précision J.FIchou

With our strong links in the military and space market as well as in industry, associated with nearly 70 years of technics we manufacture optical parts based on our customers specifications Thanks to our in house department, roughing, polishing, coating and control, we can ensure the entire production chain and thus deliver components in small and medium series with the required quality level.


Finetech GmbH & Co. KG

Finetech manufactures high-accuracy equipment for leading-edge sub-micron bonding and micro assembly challenges. Finetech's bonders are suitable to R&D, prototype and production environments. Solutions by Finetech are applied in various industries to support precise and complex applications: flip chip, laser bars, photonics packaging, VCSELs, MEMS, sensors, chip to wafer, and many more.


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